Monday, December 13, 2010

In Short - It's Benchtastic!

Finally the bed to bench project is complete!!!

Seriously, this is nothing short of a miracle.

In fact, if I was forced to select a "theme word" for the whole project "short" would be the one. (Yes, I realize that only ex-English teachers are nerdy enough to select theme words).

Short...yup...that's the one.

I am short (5'2" and probably shrinking).

I shortened two beds to make them into benches.
Pine Bed #1

Pine bed #2 which I painted blue

I made short work of sewing some throw pillows.

I shortened some extra foam to make the seat cushions.

Pine bed #1 with the foam seat cushion

The fabric I bought to cover the dang foam was also...too dang...short.

Just an inch too short and since I paid $3 a yard for a remnant there was no chance to buy more.

I used short cuss words when I discovered this.

My final solution involved patching in some of the throw pillow fabric on either end of the main cushion fabric. It was either that or cut the foam and that would leave the chipboard exposed. Plus I like the tight fit for a seat cushion so it doesn't slide off when people sit or stand (or tiny dogs jump on it).

Pine bed #2 was lots less trouble and makes a comfy spot on the back patio.
In fact, I was sitting on the completed blue bench watching the boys take their "evening constitutional" when 12 (I counted them) fat and fluffy quail strolled by not 20 feet away.

Huckleberry (the white Chihuahua) ignored them while Golly watched them waddle past intently (no doubt weighing his options as they were just about his size).

A few of the middle ones (#'s 4,5, and 6 I think) stopped to take a detour towards Huckleberry which fowled up the whole line - tee, hee (more English teacher humor).

It was pretty cool to sit in comfort and watch the grand promenade.

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