Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sew Evolutionary...

For those of you who prefer pictures to reading (Dave) I'm going to share the evolution of my new sewing table primarily in pictures.

My goal was to organize all my sewing stuff in one place. I wanted it to be efficient (everything close at hand), portable (something I could roll out of sight), and pretty (so I will be inspired to sew).

Here's how it went:
Garage sale pic: for $2 (including delivery) how could I pass this old headboard up?
It's narrow enough to roll into the closet but how do I attach the wheels?
Adding a scrap of plywood should do the trick.
My sister suggested boring a hole in the top to keep my scissors handy. Clever girl.

Unfortunately, I forgot to include the height of my wheels in my ergonomic calculations so I can't use a regular chair to sew dang it!

But I found this old stool for $3 at another garage sale...
Some spray paint and fabric and it looks like new!
Adding notion shelves required digging out needles, elastics, etc. to make sure everything would fit neatly.
I also wanted shelves for my quilting books and presser feet.
Here's a pic after the first coat of took 3 and then 3 more coats of paint to cover the hideous brown.
I found this thread holder at another garage sale for $4.
Sprayed it black...
It keeps all my thread handy on one end.
I knew the white paint wouldn't hold up over time so I modge-podged more of the fabric on top and then varnished it.
I also modge-podged fabric onto an old Lego container from when the kids were tiny.
I made stacking boxes out of cardboard to fit inside the Lego bin.

They fit perfectly and match the top and stool.

All my sewing notions are kept handy on my shelves.

With my cutting mat hanging from hooks on the back, my cutting tools and rulers hanging handy inside the leg space, I'm all set to SEW up a storm!


  1. Ok that is amazing! It looks so awesome. I now want one. I love how your projects turn out. I wish I could see the end result for a transformation from things that don't look anything like the end result to start. I just cant seem to do that. You might be in trouble though as I might start sending you pictures of my house and my current organizational problems for help and ideas. :P :)

  2. Sarah, I LOVE your sewing station! You are AMAZING! I hope you are videoing all this and putting it up on YouTube - you can earn money for your talent and expertise. Go girl!

    Hannah Y

  3. My lego container... :(